Post-18 Options

What Are Your Options After Sixth Form?


On this page we will aim to provide students with a comprehensive guide on how to make the best choice for their future, in preparation for when they leave Sixth Form.


Below are links to brochures and websites that will help students decide on the best universities, courses, apprenticeships and information university finance.

In the Year 13 section of the website you can discover where Queen Elizabeth's students have studied and more after graduating from Sixth Form.

In March 2023, Year 12 had a Post 18 Options Evening. The Sixth Form Team introduced speakers from CXK and University of Kent to speak to parents and students about the next steps for our students after their A Levels are complete. Their presentations are available to view and download from the bottom of this page (the 2022 version was used in 2023 as well).

Post 18 - Considering which path to take now?



Click here to find out why university could be the right option for you.

Thinking of studying medicine, click here to find out the application process.


Alternative Options

University not the path you want to take, click below to check out alternative choices.


Alternatives to University

Click here to view the Russell Group informed choices brochure.


  • Scholarships help you pay your tuition fees and reduce your student loans
  • Scholarships are available for everyone, not just the Hawking-level geniuses and the sports stars of the class

  • On average, students are eligible to apply for £85,000-worth of scholarships

  • £150 million-worth of scholarships go unallocated every year because students simply don’t realise they’re eligible to apply

  • Scholarships are FREE MONEY!! You don’t have to pay it back!


The school subscribes to Grantfairy,  a mobile app which matches students with thousands of scholarships, bursaries and grants to help pay university tuition fees and reduce student loans. All Year 13 students are sent a link during Term 1.


Medicsort Innovation Grant


The Medicsport Innovation Grant awards £500 to UK students going on to study a degree related to health, mediciine, nursing or life sciences. Applications must be submitted online by 31 January earch year. More information from

Mr Finn-Kelcey and Mr Larter hosted the Year 12 UCAS Information Evening in May 2023. They outlined everything that students need to know about the process of University application.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

CXK Post 18 Choices Feb 2022

WKC Choosing a course and a university place