Travelling to the school

Both Abbey Street and Abbey Place are narrow residential streets that become highly congested in the periods prior to the start and after the end of the school day and we are keen to avoid any further unnecessary disruption which this inevitably causes our neighbours. 

The local residents already tolerate a significant amount of traffic as a result of staff and students arriving and departing daily; therefore, we encourage everyone (staff, students and visitors) to consider walking or cycling to school where possible. 

Where students must be transported to Faversham, please can we ask that they be dropped off in a central location and walk the final part of their journey. This also provides associated health benefits including improved physical fitness and mental wellbeing. The Institute Road Car Park by the Faversham Library is an ideal alternative.

We work hard to maintain a harmonious relationship with our neighbours and as such politely request that you only drive onto the school site if absolutely essential. This request does not apply to those parents to whom the school has given special dispensation.

Thank you for your support.