Head of Faculty: Mrs N Chandler, German (part-time)


Subject Leaders:


Mr S Johnson - French

Mrs A Higbee - Spanish 

Department Staff Teaching


  • Miss A Davidson - Spanish, French

  • Ms Y Klein (German) p/t

  • Ms G Parker - French


Language Assistants


  • J Lacina-Moser - German

  • S Elders - French

  • M Leal Palma - Spanish


Faculty Introduction:


  • All our students study two foreign languages out of French, German and Spanish in Key Stage 3. 

  • In Key Stage 4, all students choose at least one foreign language out of French, German and Spanish and it is possible to study two (or three) to GCSE level.

  • In the Sixth Form students can study one or more of French, Spanish or German to A level with a grade 6 or more in that language at GCSE level.


Key Stage 3:


  • The principal aim is to enable students to confidently enjoy a first contact with foreign languages.

  • The emphasis is on developing good spoken and listening skills and reinforcing these with accurate reading and writing skills.

  • We encourage dictionary and Internet research to develop independence.

  • We follow KS3 course books: Echt (German), Dynamo (French) and Claro (Spanish), as well as a variety of interactive language resources.


Key Stage 4


We continue to develop our students’ knowledge and skills in KS4 as stated above for KS3.

Aims: The study of one or more modern languages to GCSE level enables our students to gain:


  • an insight into another culture and lifestyle;

  • the skills to communicate with people from another country in their own language, whether as a tourist or in a working context;

  • the confidence to consider living or working elsewhere in the world;

  • a greater awareness of the multicultural nature of our own country;

  • an interest in the use of languages, their structure and meaning, and the importance of careful and effective communication;


Examination specification:

French        German      Spanish


Information on qualifications and standards:


  • All students then study at least one Modern Foreign Language in KS4.

  • We use AQA exam board.

Key Stage 5:



These are as for the GCSE courses, but in addition, the A level courses will enable our students to:


  • Gain a high degree of spoken and written competence in the foreign language, equipping them to study in a target language country;

  • Combine the language studied with a wide range of other subjects at university;

  • Develop friends and contacts abroad through our programme of visits and exchanges;

  • Benefit from a wide range of opportunities through guidance by individual staff.

  • Gain a profound awareness of the culture of the countries where their chosen langauge(s) is/are spoken.



French Spanish German


What will I learn?






Yr 12

Aspects of French-speaking Society

  • The changing nature of family

  • Cyber society

  • The place of voluntary work

Aspects of Hispanic Society

  • Modern and traditional values

  • Cyberspace

  • Equal Rights

Aspects of German-speaking Society

  • The changing state of the family

  • The digital world

  • Youth culture

Artistic culture in the French-speaking world

  • cultural heritage

  • contemporary music

  • cinema - the 7th art form

Artistic culture in the Hispanic world

  • modern day idols

  • Spanish regional identity

  • cultural heritage or cultural landscape

Artistic culture in the German speaking world

  • Festivals and Traditions

  • Art and Architecture

  • Cultural life in Berlin -past and present

Study of a film

‘Un long dimanche de fiançailles’

Study of a film

‘FILM Volver or El laberinto del Fauno'

Study of a film

‘Lola Rennt'

Yr 13

Current issues in French-speaking society

  • Positive features of a diverse society

  • Life for the marginalised

  • How criminals are treated

Multiculturalism in Hispanic society

  • Immigration

  • Racism

  • Integration

Multiculturalism in German-speaking society

  • Immigration

  • Integration

  • Racism

Aspects of political life in the French-speaking world

  • Teenagers, the right to vote and political commitment

  • Demonstrations, strikes – who holds the power?

  • Politics and immigration

Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world

  • today’s youth, tomorrow’s citizens

  • monarchies, republics and dictatorships

  • popular movements

Aspects of political life in the German speaking world

  • Germany and the European Union

  • Politics and youth

  • German re-unification and its consequences

Study of a novel

No et moi

Study of a text

‘Réquiem por un campesino español’

Study of a play

‘Der Besuch der alten Dame'

Individual Research Project

Individual Research Project

Individual Research Project



How will I be assessed?


  • Listening test is under your control

  • Reading test follows on from the type of activities undertaken at GCSE, including translation and summary of writing

  • Writing is in the form of essays on the book and film we have studied (about 300 words)

  • Speaking is based on themes we have studied, as well as a presentation and discussion on a topic of your choice that you have researched




We offer many visits and exchanges so our students can put their learning into practice. We offer these visits in every Key Stage and aim to make them fun, valuable and affordable for everyone. See below for examples of trips we offer with the approximate costs:


Year 8 (44 students)

Aachen, Germany


2 days



Year 9-10

(25 students, on application)

French Exchange, Hazebrouck

Cross-curricular, French, History, Citizenship

6 days



Year 9-11 (30 students on application)

German Exchange, Cologne

Cross curricular German, History, Citizenship

7 days Autumn 


Year 9-12

(30 students, on application)

Spanish Exchange


Spanish, History, Citizenship

7 days



Year 11-13 (20 students, on application)

Senior French Exchange, Hazebrouck

Cross-curricular, French, Sport

6 days March 


Sixth Form Berlin

Cross curricular


4 days £450


There are also extra-curricular opportunities in school!


  • Language Support Sessions

  • Competitions

  • Oxbridge preparation (Year 12/13 Modern Linguists)

  • KS3 MFL Culture Club