Head of Faculty: Mr R Dolan

2iC: Ms K Gray


English Department Staff




  • Mr R Dolan
  • Ms K Gray
  • Miss C Harland
  • Mrs A McIlroy 
  • Miss V Brenchley
  • Mrs E Oben
  • Mrs A Coleman
  • Mrs C Squire
  • Mrs J Haveron (Librarian)


Faculty Introduction


Both English and English Literature are taught at all Key Stages, and are delivered in an exciting and interesting manner. All our subject teachers have different areas of expertise and are keen to share these with our students. The programmes of study are varied and far-reaching and enable students to develop their skills in all key areas.


Key Stage 3


At Key Stage 3, students experience a varied range of reading, writing and speaking and listening activities. The Year 7 programme of study includes the study of a novel, poetry, a unit devoted to persuasive writing, a creative writing unit based on the science fiction genre and an introduction to Shakespeare. In Year 8, students will study another novel, consider the role of newspapers, and will explore the horror genre. In addition, Year 8 will undertake activities based on their trip to Bude. Pupils are also given opportunities to use ICT in their English lessons.




Key Stage 4


At Key Stage 4, students follow the Edexcel English Literature and English Language course. As part of their programme of study, they read a wide variety of texts including fiction and non-fiction texts and media texts. They also analyse and explore a range of literature including Shakespeare, contemporary poetry, Victorian literature and Twentieth century texts. The course is assessed through final examinations.


GCSE English Language: Exam Board: Edexcel (code 1ENO)

GCSE English Literature: Exam Board: Edexcel (code 1ETO)





Key Stage 5


The English Department offers students the opportunity to study both English Language and English Literature at Advanced Level.

A level English Language focuses initially on developing students' linguistic responses to a range of spoken and written texts. Language students also study specialised areas of language such as language change, language and gender and language acquisition by young children. Students may also conduct their own language investigation into an area of their choosing. Past examples of students’ work includes accent and dialect studies, the language of text messaging, second language acquisition and song lyrics.

A Level English Literature the focus is on the study of a wide range of literature including Chaucer, Shakespeare, novels, drama and poetry. Students are encouraged to become independent readers and to explore their own literary interests, and the key piece of coursework is a comparative essay on two texts of their choice. Throughout the course students are encouraged to use a critical analysis in order to explore different approaches to literature. Coursework is produced in Year 13, and the examinations are also in this year.


A level English Literature: Exam Board: Edexcel (code 9ETO)

A level English Language: Exam Board: AQA (code 7702)




We provide a range of enrichment activities including cross-curricular project work based on Cornwall and Ypres. We run short story and poetry competitions and provide a book club at KS3. We organise regular theatre trips to support our teaching at all levels. We encourage our more able senior students to become involved in the organisation and running of various clubs.