Pastoral Care

The school works closely with parents to ensure that children are happy, healthy and can enjoy their learning. 

Each child is a member of one of five forms in a year group for example in Year 7: 7Q,7E,7G,7S,7F,7K. These forms are part of the House system and are involved in a variety of competitions throughout the year for the House Cup. 

Each form has a tutor and he or she is the key person involved in the pastoral care of pupils. The form tutors will help pupils with day to day problems and will discuss academic progress during a mentoring session with each child once a term. The form tutor will assist pupils with day to day concerns. 

Each year group has an experienced Learning Manager who co-ordinates and assists with the work of the form tutors. Pupils can seek support from any member of staff but especially the Learning Managers who act as Heads of Year and their relevant Key Stage Support.

The pastoral work of the school is co-ordinated by the Deputy Headteacher and referrals to support services such as the school counsellor and health workers are made where necessary. 

Older pupils are encouraged to ‘look out’ for younger children, both informally and by being given positions of responsibility. Queen Elizabeth’s is proud of the good, happy relations between pupils and also between pupils and staff. 

Communication with parents by telephone, the Student Planner books and in person supports the social, emotional and academic development of pupils throughout the school.

We recognise the importance of students' social and emotional wellbeing as well as a supportive school climate.  We are pleased to be a Kent Resilience Hub school having been awarded the Kent School Award for Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing.  More information on this can be found by visiting their website: