Severe Weather

Poor Weather Arrangements

The school will remain open unless otherwise stated on the home page of the school website and will only close to students if the site is unsafe.

If the decision is made to close the school we will post the notice on the school's website by 7:00am. It will also be displayed on the Kent Closures website.

Heart FM, BBC Radio Kent and KMFM will use the information published on the Kent County Council website to notify closures, however we have no control over the speed at which the closures are broadcast, please remember to refresh the web pages regularly. We will also send a text message and email via Arbor to all those parents who have signed up to this service.

In the event the decision is made to close the school, work will be provided from Period 3 on the first day of closure via Google Classroom - students should go to each of their relevant google classrooms according to their usual timetable. Should the school remain closed for a further day, work will be provided via Google Classroom from the start of lesson 1, students should go to each of their relevant google classrooms according to their usual timetable. If a closure was extended beyond a second day, further information will be provided via email.

The decision to open or close the school will not take into account whether the students can travel to and from school safely as each student has a different journey to make. It is important that parents satisfy themselves that their child can safely make the journey before they allow them to depart.

In the event of conditions deteriorating through the day or if insufficient staff are available to safely supervise the students, it may become necessary to close the school before 3:30pm. In this eventuality we will monitor the transport situation before making a decision based on the best information we have as to whether students should leave school early. Should this occur we will ask students to contact parents using their mobile phones. We will use the school line to contact the parents of those students who do not have a mobile phone in school. 

Public Examinations

Whilst public examinations are taking place, even if the decision is taken to close the school to other pupils, it will remain open for exam candidates.