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We will be hosting our Sixth Form Opening Evening on Thursday 1st February 2024. Please check back here for more information soon on how to register for the event.

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Coming into sixth form, at any school, is slightly unnerving as it is something so different from the years before yet so similar in many ways, especially as the surroundings and teachers are the same. However, the transition was definitely dominated by excitement in the beginning, looking forward to seeing people at school again, but that's not to say that everyone wasn’t anxious in some way about how the next two years would be. In spite of this, the nerves didn’t overshadow the start of the new school phase as the staff at Queen Elizabeth's knew how to make the change as smooth and easy as possible, making sure we could get to grips with the reformed boundaries, expectations and ambitions for the following years. And more importantly, the school managed to find a new balance between the students and teachers, making us feel much more comfortable in the changing  role of sixth form.


The common room, free periods and a move away from uniform always feel like the biggest changes and privileges of becoming part of the upper school. Yet surprisingly there are other changes which become more significant than this, as there is a shift in relations between not only the students themselves but with the teachers as well. I found that, moving up through the school, you become more trusted by teachers, and as you are more limited in your subjects there is more recognition between individuals and their tutors or subject leads. This is actually a huge shift at the sixth form within Queen Elizabeth's as your autonomy massively increases,  yet you are supported by teachers allowing a greater sense of responsibility within students,  but a reminder that you are not alone in the transition or the following years.


A lot of students worry about their choice of subject, as when doing only three or four subjects if one is not right it can damage the whole motivation of the course, especially as the hours given to each is much greater. Therefore I think it is important to recognize that many students find themselves in a position where they feel they may need to reconsider their choice of subject, and that the school is very supportive in this, trying to make the students as comfortable as they can in the subjects they chose. This support allowed students to make sure they have the best experience in the sixth form, as they feel they can properly reflect on their A-levels, ensuring that they are in line with what was expected and what they want to achieve.  


Finally it is important to note that A-levels are hard, people are telling the truth when they warn you about the step up from GCSE; this is not something to worry about as what becomes clear is that it takes time to get used to. The first two school terms are not perfect, they are expected to be rocky and uncertain as students get used to the changed style in their education, everyone finds it hard and feels like they may be struggling in one area or another. But the teachers support and help as much as they can, and generally it is a hurdle that can be jumped if you focus on doing what you are able to, and what you individually need to, in order to fully get into the swing of the new stage of school. You will settle down into the sixth form at Queen Elizabeth's after the first few weeks, and with this it will become clear the excitement and privileges which come with being a student in the sixth form.

The Sixth Form Options Guide 2024/25, which includes entry requirements and subject guides is available to download by clicking here.

Sixth Form Options Guide


We have also now uploaded a shorter version of the Options Guide which is specifically designed for students that will apply to start their A Levels in September 2025.

Options Guide at a Glance

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Welcome Booklet

The programme of study in the Sixth Form at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School is designed to provide all students with a structured and challenging individualised learning programme, that supports their development and academic progress in line with their future career plans.

All students are expected to study 3 full A level courses and one additional enhancement course which may or may not lead to an A level qualification or equivalent. Where a student joining the sixth form has not achieved a Level 4/5 in English and/or Mathematics, they receive tutorial support in order to successfully retake the examinations.

Whilst the A level courses studied represent a substantive part of the study programme, all students have tutorial time each day, which incorporates personal mentoring opportunities alongside timetabled weekly enrichment. This also includes a work experience option; year 12 have compulsory work experience days to fulfil in term 3 of the academic year.  

The personal development is further supported through opportunities for leadership and responsibilities within the school, as well as in the wider community. Students are actively encouraged through the Queen Elizabeth's Sixth Form Award to take on Senior Student roles.

Approximately 75% of all students progress to Higher Education, Apprenticeship or other training programmes. They are actively supported through the Sixth Form tutorial programme, PSHE, assemblies, the post-18 decisions event and the yearly activity week. A designated member of staff is tasked with supporting careers education across the whole school.