GCSE Course Guide & Support Sessions


Homework support

Homework support is available in room B2 for one hour after school.  All years are welcome and you can join as little or as often as you like.  There is a member of staff there to help you.  


Suggested study guides


Exam Board

Suggested Study Guides

Art AQA  None required
Biology Edexcel CGP GCSE Biology Edexcel Exam Practice Workbook 
Chemistry Edexcel CGP GCSE Chemistry Edexcel Exam Practice Workbook 
Computer Science AQA CGP GCSE Essentials Bundle: AQA Computer Science (for exams in 2022 and beyond) - Python
Drama OCR OCR GCSE (9-1) Drama - Annie Fox
Economics OCR Hodder Education my revision notes OCR GCSE (9-1) Economics
English Language AQA  CGP, York Notes and Collins Snap revision and AQA English Language GCSE revision text
English Literature AQA Macbeth, Jekyll and Hyde and An Inspector Calls
Film Studies EDUQAS  Not required
Food Preparation and Nutrition AQA  Not required
Geography Edexcel Revise edexcel GCSE (9-1) Geography B Revision Guide 978-1-292-13378-2, Revise edexcel GCSE (9-1) Geography B Revision Workbook 978-1-292-13376-8, CGP GCSE Geography Edexcel B Investigating Geographical issues (The revision guide for the Grade 9-1 course) 978-1-78294-621-2.
History AQA Hodder Education AQA History GCSE (9-1) Second Edition
Languages AQA (A new specification will be available from 2026 exams onwards) CGP Complete Revision and Practice AQA grades 9-1 in French, German and Spanish or Pearson Revise AQA GCSE French/German/Spanish Revision guide and workbook. Regular vocab practice through Quizlet. Use of "sentence builders" online.
Maths Edexcel Dr Frost Maths, Corbett Maths, Maths Genie
Music AQA Not required
Physical Education Edexcel GCSE Physical Education Edexcel Exam Practice Workbook 
Physics Edexcel CGP GCSE Physics Edexcel Exam Practice Workbook 
Religious Education AQA Short Course AQA GCSE Religious Studies A (9-1) Workbook: Christianity and Buddhism for Paper 1 & 2
Technology AQA Current DT Textbooks and CGP GCSE AQA Design & Technology for the Grade 9-1 Course


KS4 Exams Booklet

Strategies for Success Handbook