SEND Support

Queen Elizabeth’s is committed to the principle of equal opportunity for all pupils irrespective of disability, gender or race, and therefore seeks to meet any additional or special educational needs that pupils may have. 

Queen Elizabeth’s SEND Team:

Mrs S H Percy - SENCo, Head of Key Stage 3

Mrs J Seeds - Specialist Assessor

Mrs N Stanford - Wellbeing and Intervention

Mrs M Newing - SEND Support

Mrs V Wicks - Teaching Assistant

Mrs F Wanstall - Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Bibb - Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Blatchly - Teaching Assistant

Mr Barton - Teaching Assistant

SEND Governor - Mrs T Rose

The SEND Team at Queen Elizabeth’s do not work in isolation. They work collaboratively with all staff to ensure the learning needs of students are met. We strive to create a harmonious and collective working relationship between parents and external agencies, thus allowing the development of teaching staff.  

The SEND Department are a dedicated, caring and nurturing team who strive to ensure that those students with learning difficulties receive the best support, but also reach their full potential and are prepared for later life. The team creates a warm and supportive environment that enables students to feel safe and secure in school, thus allowing them to develop at their own pace.

At Queen Elizabeth’s there is a whole school approach to additional needs and staff have regular training on aspects of learning and social interaction which can affect pupils. This promotes a sense of corporate responsibility towards the development of the necessary attitudes, patterns of organisation and curriculum differentiation required to address each pupil’s learning needs, including those of the most able. A strong pastoral and mentoring ethos allows staff to identify additional needs and develop appropriate strategies in consultation with parents. Pupils with additional needs achieve well at Queen Elizabeth's and are fully included in all aspects of the wider curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities. 

Mrs Percy can be contacted directly via email: