Queen Elizabeth's is a forward thinking school which aims to provide an education for life for all students. We offer an enjoyable and enriching learning experience within a caring and supportive environment.

The need for students to enjoy a good education has never been as important as it is today.  As new careers and technologies emerge and the competition for jobs increases, there are few jobs for life any more; students in the 21st century need flexibility, self-discipline, confidence and excellent academic qualifications.

Working towards high standards is central to the school ethos, which expects every student to do their very best, to achieve well in their academic studies and to participate fully with the broader extra curricular offer.

Upon leaving Queen Elizabeth's, our students are responsible citizens who have the confidence and flexibility to make a positive contribution to a global society.

We aim to:


  • provide high quality teaching across a broad range of academic disciplines, allowing for student choice and specialisation
  • enable every student to achieve high quality academic qualifications
  • develop supportive, responsible and productive relationships both within the school and across the wider community
  • provide excellent extra-curricular opportunities for all students, encouraging them to participate in a wide range of activities within and beyond the classroom
  • foster a sense of engagement in, and enjoyment of, learning


Our ambition is to develop well rounded students who appreciate right from wrong and understand their sense of place in the world; the teaching of PSHE and British values helps students to develop understanding, encouraging them to be considerate and tolerant of the views of others.