In Year Admissions



At present our school is full and oversubscribed and has waiting lists for entry to Year 7 through to Year 11. 

If you live in Kent or are about to move into Kent and want a place for your child at our school, you must complete an In Year Casual Admissions Form (IYCAF) and return this to the Admissions Officer at the School. Please below to download the form or a paper copy can be obtained from the school office. Parents or guardians should complete the application form. Parents or guardians must fill in a separate form for each school to which you apply and also for each child of school age who needs a place.

If you have a new address, please attach evidence that you and the child reside at this address. If you have not yet moved, we will process the application when we receive evidence to show that the move is taking place (eg; an exchange of contracts or a rental agreement on a property in Kent).

We are a grammar school and as such any student applying for a place here must have been assessed as suitable for a grammar school place through Kent County Council’s 11+ assessment procedure (Kent Test) or where the applicant has not taken the Kent Test, the school will arrange for an internal assessment to take place. Being assessed as suitable for a place at this school does not in itself guarantee a place and in the event of the year group being over-subscribed, a waiting list will be held and ranked according to the over-subscription criteria. Click below to see the Admissions Policy.

If you require further information from the school please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Rogers (Admissions Officer) by telephone or alternatively by e-mail Please provide the applicant’s details, including name, year group, date of birth and address.


In Year Casual Admissions Form

Admissions Policy




Parents have a statutory right of appeal, should an application be refused. Please write to The Clerk to the Appeal Panel, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Abbey Place, Faversham, Kent ME13 7BQ. Appeals should take the form of a letter briefly setting out the grounds for the appeal. The Clerk will acknowledge receipt and will initiate arrangements for the hearing of the appeal by an Independent Appeal Panel. Parents have the right to be present at the hearing.