Subject Leader: Miss E Chant (maternity leave)

Department Staff Teaching

  • Miss B Bird
  • Mr R Silvester
  • Mr C Chandler
  • Mr J Sladden
  • Mr T Piotrowski
  • Miss L Brunger

Faculty Introduction

All students from year seven to eleven study Religious Education. It plays a vital role in their spiritual, moral and cultural development. Through a study of the six major world religions, philosophy and ethics, we provide the opportunity for students to develop an understanding of and respect for a wide range of belief systems. This enables them to contemplate and develop their own system of beliefs and values.

Key Stage 3

The beliefs, practices and cultural influences of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Buddhism are studied. These are considered through a number of concepts that relate to the students' own experience.

Key Stage 4

All students study the AQA specification A GCSE short course. They study the beliefs and teachings of Christianity and Islam. Two ethical themes are also studied: Relationships and Families, and Religion, Peace and Conflict.


Enrichment is at the very heart of Religious Education. It is through this that students are made aware of the wider aspects of the local and global community in which they live. Students develop not only a knowledge of different belief systems but also a wide range of skills that benefit them in other areas of study and in the work place.