Chromebook Scheme Package 23/24

Chromebook Scheme Package 23/24

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Orders closed for 23/24 - prices for guide only

Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School can offer you the following Chromebook package this year. This offers excellent value for money and the device is robust enough to survive daily use in and out of the school bag!

We have worked hard to ensure that parents are offered the best possible price due to the significant financial commitment we're asking of you. Full specifications on the device can be found here 

You are welcome to purchase your own Chromebook if you would prefer a different model but there will be a one off charge of £483 for the Google & E-Safety management licence per device.

Please use this Form to notify us. 

We then be in touch nearer the time with details how to pay and to arrange for us to "enrol" the device to our management interface.  Devices purchased must be Chromebooks, we are unable to allow different devices into our program. Its a good idea to check how long a device gets updates for as some retailers/sellers still sell older stock.



Our Package


For comparison, same device retail/online stores.

Device Cost

£2301 (Normally £310)


3 Year Collect & Repair Warranty

Included above


3 Year Accidental Damage and Theft Insurance

£90.00 No Excess
Fair Use Applies3

£120 (covercloud) £75 excess per claim

Google & E-safety Licence4



Belkin Neoprene Sleeve



Google Configuration



Total Package Price

Total £3851 (£465)


5 monthly option.

5*£771 (£93) 

Direct Debit 1st August 

Total £3851 (£465)

varies from suppliers

1 Prices correct until all 200 pre-ordered devices are allocated or the closing date (1pm Monday 17th July 2023).  Orders after this date or initial pre-ordered stock reservation being used, will be subject to change. First 200 devices only at this special price (priority is for year 7 parents until the 17th July, remaining stock will be offered to other year groups after this date in September 2023)  
2 Current as of 03rd May 2023:, and
3 Fair Use 2 claims per year see insurance policy wording.  Device must be kept in the case provided for insurance to be valid, claims could be rejected if this is not followed.  
Theft cover provided via Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School - Terms apply.
4 £48 Licence fee increased from £41 in October 2022.  This is for the life of the device and must be paid if purchasing your own chromebook. Warranty/insurance scheme replacements the licence is transferable. Non scheme devices the licence fee may be payable again unless there is proof of warranty/insurance replacement.

Scheme purchased devices benefit from the support of our IT Department. Insurance and warranty claims are processed by our team for you for your convenience. Where possible we also provide a loan Chromebook for school daytime use while your device is away at repair. Our insurance policy has the added benefit that there is £0 excess to pay unlike other insurance polices where you are expected to pay towards the cost of repair of the device. Please see the PDF's on this page for fully policy wording and terms.

If you do purchase your own device, the IT teams support is limited to basic connectivity to the school network any other issues associated with the device would be down to the original supplier.

Any further information please contact

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