Physical Education

Physical Education

Head of Faculty: Mrs K French 

Department Staff Teaching

  • Mrs K French, PE
  • Mr P French, PE
  • Mr J Charlton, PE
  • Miss P Waldron, PE
  • Miss M Washington, PE

Faculty Introduction

The Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Physical Education Department is a lively and welcoming place. It has a large sports hall, a gymnasium, a Multi-Use Games Area which includes tennis and netball courts and extensive outdoor playing fields. Extra-curricular sports teams have been very successful and follow a strong tradition of sporting excellence. The department benefits from being part of the East Kent and Canterbury Coastal Sports Partnership, which helps increase our competition opportunities.

Students in years 7, 8, 9, & 10 receive 3 × 50 minute PE lessons a fortnight and 2 x 50 minute Games lessons a fortnight. In year 11 students receive 2 × 50 minute lessons a fortnight and 2 x 50 minute Games lessons a fortnight.   

PE kit must be worn in all lessons even if students are injured and on such occasions students will be asked to officiate, analyse and evaluate performances of others.

Key Stage 3

All students in Key Stage 3 are given the opportunity to participate in a number of different sporting activities. We also believe in teaching students to lead healthy, active lifestyles through participation in sport and physical activity. Extra-curricular clubs are offered in many sports and students are encouraged to take part, together with representing the school at Inter-school matches, whilst an extensive Inter-house programme is delivered during lesson time.

Key Stage 4

In Key Stage 4 more emphasis is placed on leading and coaching activities, alongside participation in a wide range of sports. There is also a Sports Leaders course organised for Year 11 students and this is delivered to local Primary school children.

Students have the opportunity to study Edexcel GCSE Physical Education in Key Stage 4 to help further develop their knowledge and understanding of the body during exercise.

The aims and objectives of this qualification are to enable students to:

● Develop their theoretical knowledge and understanding of the factors that underpin physical activity and sport and use this knowledge and understanding to improve performance

● Understand how the physiological and psychological state affects performance in physical activity and sport

● Perform effectively in different physical activities by developing skills and techniques and selecting and using tactics, strategies and/or compositional ideas

● Develop their ability to analyse and evaluate to improve performance in physical activity and sport

● Understand the contribution that physical activity and sport make to health, fitness and well-being

● Understand the key socio-cultural influences that can affect people’s involvement in physical activity and sport.

This course is 60% theory (2 examinations at the end of the 2 years), with 30% practical assessment in 3 sports. Students also complete a Personal Exercise Plan worth a further 10%.

During this course, students will study the following topics; Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Biomechanics and Movement Analysis, Training, Health and Well-being, Sport Psychology and Socio-Cultural influences of Sport in Society.

For further information, please see the Edexcel website

Key Stage 5

Edexcel A level Physical Education is offered to Year 12 students and is a two year linear course, with final examinations in Year 13. This course is designed to develop students’ understanding of how the mind and body works in relation to performance in physical sport whilst also engaging them with key issues and themes relating to contemporary global influences on physical education.

The course is 70% theory  and 15% practical assessment in one sporting activity and a further 15%  completing a Performance Analysis and Performance Development Programme. There are 4 areas of study that make up the course;

Component 1: Scientific Principles of Physical Education  (examination)  - 40%

Component 2: Psychological and Social Principles of Physical Education (examination) - 30%

The topics studied include Applied Anatomy and Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Applied Movement Analysis, Sport Psychology, Skill Acquisition and Social aspects of Sport in Society.

Component 3: Practical Performance in one sporting activity - 15%

Component 4: Performance Analysis and Performance Development Programme - 15%

Wednesday afternoons are reserved for Sixth Form students to participate in enrichment activities of their choice, for example Aerobics, Badminton, Football and Fitness training. Various team sports are played during this time and a high level of success has been evident in Senior Football, Rugby and Netball. Enrichment based trips during this time are organised to provide students with the opportunity to participate in different offsite activities such as Golf, Skiing and Rock Climbing

For further information, please see the Edexcel website


All students have the opportunity to represent Queen Elizabeth’s in Inter-school fixtures at a local and county level. We organise teams in Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Netball, Rounders, Rugby,  Softball, Swimming and Tennis. There are also practice schedules organised each term offering all students the opportunity to participate in the sports listed above, along with Dance, Gymnastics and Trampolining.