Theatre Fundraising Campaign


Theatre Fundraising Campaign

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The story so far:

In 2014 the school added a new Humanities and Sixth Form Centre to cope with a rising school population and a need for dedicated sixth form facilities.

This vital facility was made possible through school funding; a £1.5M grant from Government; and the generosity of people like you. Without the £180,000 contributed by parents, alumni, local businesses and trusts and foundations, this project would not have been possible.

The next phase

To complete our vision of a 21st century centre of excellence, the next phase of this ambitious development will see the construction of a theatre, which will be added to the side of the Humanities and Sixth Form Centre.

This will provide:

  • A performance space for our outstanding dramatists and musicians
  • A first rate environment for our nationally successful Debating Society, encouraging higher levels of participation and more competition with local schools
  • Facilities for our planned lecture series, which will be developed along the lines of the Royal Society Christmas Lectures
  • A large display space for our wonderful Art and Technology exhibitions
  • A venue to deliver subject specific lectures to different cohorts of students
  • A meeting and performance space for groups and societies from across our community

The Theatre will include:

  • Seating for up to 250
  • A multi-use flexible stage area
  • State of the art sound, lighting and projection facilities
  • Access to a reception area, changing facilities and toilets in the Sixth Form Centre
  • High quality ventilation and soundproofing
  • Extensive storage
  • Extensive storage

The Theatre aims to:         

  • Raise aspiration and ambition amongst students by providing a state of the art learning environment
  • Inspire and enable more children to explore opportunities in the performing arts
  • Prepare students for further education through university-style, lecture-based teaching
  • Enhance the curriculum by enabling the school to expand its public guest speaker and lecture programmes
  • Offer community arts groups the purpose built venue they desperately need
  • Build stronger links with the local community
  • Deliver the technical capacity required by high quality home grown and visiting music and drama productions
  • Provide a meeting and training facility for both school staff and local organisations
  • Increase school revenue through regular hire by community groups and businesses

After a number of years of fundraising, we are delighted to announce that construction work started on the theatre in May 2020. The theatre is expected to open in December 2020 and will be a very welcome addition to our facilities.

Our grateful and sincere thanks go to all of our many supporters who have been so generous in their support of this fundraising campaign. Every donation will be recognised through a donors' board in the new theatre.

The total cost of designing, building and furnishing the new theatre is £640,000.
To date, funded completely by the school, the school’s Trustees and donations, we have raised £595,000. We also have further pledges of £10,000, which leaves us with a balance to fund of £35,000.

The running costs for the theatre will be fully met by the school.

Figures current September 2020.

How you can help

Click here to download a campaign Gift Form

Give a regular monthly gift over 3 to 5 years, e.g.

  • £15 per month over 5 years, making a total donation of £900
  • £35 per month over 3 years, making a total donation of £1,260
  • Complete the Gift Aid declaration to increase your gift by 25p for every £1 you give
  • Make a one-off donation
  • Speak to us about other fundraising ideas
  • Provide professional or technical help
  • Major benefactors will also have the opportunity to have naming rights to the auditorium and all donations will be recognised

Major benefactors will also have the opportunity to have naming rights to the auditorium and all donations will be recognised.

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