Year 13 Information

Year 13 Information

Students in Year 13 will study 3 subjects plus an enhancement.

For automatic entry into year 13 in each subject you must:

  1. Demonstrate a high quality consistent approach to work as evidenced through the quality of homework, wider reading, course participation and meeting coursework requirements.
  2. Achieve within one grade of your ALPS target throughout the year in interim assessments or demonstrate good progress towards this aspiration with evidence of improving work if required.
  3. Have an overall attendance of 90% or higher. All Students will be considered on a case by case basis and extenuating circumstances will be taken into account.

Year 13 have a busy year, applying to University or deciding, researching and applying for other routes. Over 85% of students at Queen Elizabeth’s go on to study at University with most achieving places at their first choice. 

Year 13 continue to be part of the Student Board until the October half term. The Head Boy and Girl team remain in post until February of Year 13.

Year 13 students are also encouraged to widen their CV by working in the local community as volunteers. The Sixth Form enrichment programme is varied and provides a number of opportunities that students are encouraged to take part in.