Year 12 students

Year 12 students

Quotes from our new Year 12 students

"I was welcomed by all at Queen Elizabeth’s, both students and staff helped me to settle in comfortably. The Sixth Form at Queen Elizabeth's is a true asset to the school, it’s such an open, accepting and friendly community. I was speaking to Year 13s when I first joined without knowing they were in the year above; there is no separation between the two years and that made me feel even more confident when joining."

"Friendly and welcoming, Queen Elizabeth's made the transition very easy."

“Moving to Queen Elizabeth’s, fitting in and making new friends was a quick and easy process to go through because of the happy and friendly nature of the place."

"I have found it extremely easy to move schools, and the transition was really smooth, everyone was really friendly and this helped a lot. Moving schools has definitely been the best decision for me."

"It is really helpful how students get emailed relevant information about open days and part time courses. I have had so much help from the teachers especially in maths which has helped a lot."

 "Moving to Queen Elizabeth's has been the best move of the educational decisions I have made. The school is extremely welcoming and friendly, the work is hard however the teachers are always willing to help. With such a focused environment, it's a wonderful way of progressing in all respects, not only have I developed my education, but also myself as a person."  

"The move to Queen Elizabeth's was surprisingly easy as everyone is so welcoming. The work is harder but everyone especially teachers make it easier and give support. Everybody works hard and the facilities are exceptional." 

"Queen Elizabeth's made me realise how much you can benefit from moving to a new school. The accelerated pace of learning is actually manageable because when everyone works hard together you can achieve your maximum potential."

"I'm really pleased I decided to move to Queen Elizabeth's, it might seem overwhelming at first to move to a new school but I think it is definitely worth it because everyone is very friendly and the school has a welcoming atmosphere. The work is challenging but if you are organised then I think anybody can do well, I would definitely recommend the school to anybody who is determined to achieve their potential."

"Queen Elizabeth's has given me the motivation to do well in everything I do and now I have a real passion to do work and achieve as much as I can."

"I'm really glad I moved to Queen Elizabeth's, the move has encouraged me because everyone around me is extremely hard working. There are lots of opportunities outside of class which I would not have had. I was also surprised by how welcoming everyone is and how I've fitted in so well."

 "Queen Elizabeth's stood out to me, not only because it is a grammar school but the pupils really confirmed my decision to come here because they were all really enthusiastic about the school and the extra-curricular activities that are available to everyone. The school has a good balance of academic achievement and non-academic activities which take the strain away from the difficulty of A Levels."

"One of the things I’ve found is that this environment is so nice in comparison to my old school. There is not a single person I don’t like. It’s just a really lovely school."

"After a couple of weeks of getting used to it it’s just as if you’ve been here all along. It’s inclusive."

"Very friendly. Definitely like my subjects and teachers. I’m just happy."

"The independent learning style teaches you how to prepare for university. I have gained confidence. Everyone is welcoming! The dynamics of the school are different to a comprehensive – in classes everyone just wants to work, whereas at my old school nobody did. It’s very different."