Term of Office



A Shepherd 26/04/21-25/04/25 Appointed by Faversham Municipal Charities
S Rowlands 1/01/20-31/12/23 Appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury 
Y Wills 30/03/21-29/03/25 Appointed by Faversham Elizabethans
A Church 11/02/21-10/02/25 Appointed by All Souls College, Oxford
Parent Governors    
S Holmes 27/04/22-26/04/26  
M Ellis 8/12/22-7/12/26  
Co-Opted Governors    
S Elderkin 3/10/19-2/10/23  
T Rose (Vice-Chair) 1/09/19-31/08/27  
T Jack 19/05/22-18/05/26  
R Spicer (Chair) 5/09/21-4/09/25   
I Rawlings (Vice-Chair) 10/05/22-9/05/26  
N Amfo 6/12/22-5/12/26  
Staff Governors    
T Harris 27/01/22-26/01/26  
L Brunger 15/06/22-14/06/26  
D M Anderson    
D Harwood 13/01/2021  
J Coulter 13/01/2021  
D Gollins 13/01/2019  
P Lock 22/06/2017  
P Lee 1/04/2011  
Resignations/Term of Office ended 2021-22    
G Wade (Co-opted Governor) Resigned 17/04/2022  
S Wilson (Co-opted Governor)  Resigned 07/06/2022  

R Bottomley (Staff Governor) 

Term of office ended 01/05/2022  
S Davison Resigned 27/11/2022  


The Foundation Governors are also Trustees of the Queen Elizabeth’s School Foundation which makes grants for educational purposes to the school as a whole. Grants from the Trustees include aid to all pupils, the Trustees also give general assistance for the enhancement of educational provision at the school.