The Fundraising strategy encompasses two parts: the overall vision for the school and where it is heading; and the vision for how fundraising is going to play a part in achieving them. The overall vision of the school is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum with a view to developing the skills, talents and potential of the whole person. We are especially concerned to ensure that each student has the confidence to take command of his or her own future and to be a self-managing, reflective and responsible member of society. This strategy will help to provide some of the financial resources required to ensure that the School can provide for the opportunities that student's at the School deserve.

Current Fundraising Model  

The Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School currently receives additional funding through a variety of fundraising initiatives, including:  

  • The School Fund, accompanied by the Gift Aid option (parents contributions)
  • 6th Form Registration
  • Sponsored Walk
  • PTFA donations
  • Facilities letting
  • Grant applications to organisations such as the Wolfson Foundation and the Bensted charity
  • Sponsorship from Pfizer for science award prizes 
  • Covenants from alumni
  • Charity days