At Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School we have a catering service with our partners Cucina who provide healthy, value for money meals made from the freshest, high quality, local produce.

All food and drinks on sale in school form part of a healthy diet and conform to school food standards. A wide range of food is on offer to students and staff at meal times.

Breakfast: 8:00 – 8:30

Hot breakfast items, cereal, toast and hot drinks available. FREE porridge for all students (toppings 35p each).

Break: 10:35 or 10:55 [10:25 or 10:45 on Thursday]

A range of fresh bakery items are offered such as baguettes, rolls, wraps, sandwiches and baps as well as cold pasta and fresh fruit pots.

Lunch: 12:55 [2:35 on Thursday]

Students can choose from:

  • The main meal - a hot meal and dessert also available to “grab and go”
  • Jacket potatoes - with hot or cold filling and side salad
  • Pasta bar - hot pasta with a selection of sauces and side salad
  • Snack bar - sandwich, rolls, baguettes, wraps, cold pasta pots, fruit pots and crudités

Cashless Catering at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

We do not ask students to bring cash into school. All students are automatically set up with a catering account. Like many schools we use an electronic system to pay for items from the restaurant.

Our system can:

  • Recognise each individual student
  • Hold individual cash balances
  • Record cash spent and cash received
  • Record where money is spent
  • What food is purchased daily and the date and time

How are restaurant purchases made?

We have 2 catering facilities at Queen Elizabeth’s the main restaurant and also a “hatch”. The same food is available at both outlets. Each student will use their thumbprint to identify and access their catering account.

After selecting their restaurant items, the catering colleague will see the student’s name, picture, form and current balance held within the system. 

The selected food items will be entered into the system from an itemised keyboard while the amount spent and the new credit balance will be shown.

How is the money entered into the system?

The preferred method of adding money to the students account is via the School Gateway, if you are not already registered please click here. Alternatively you can add funds by cheque which should be made payable to Cucina Restaurants Limited, NOT the school. A post box to receive payments is located on the wall in the school restaurant. Please write your child’s name and form on the back of the cheque.

What is the suggested cheque value?  

We suggest £15.00 - £30.00 is appropriate but it can be for any amount. Unfortunately, cheques returned due to insufficient funds are charged £5.00. This will be deducted from future credit balances.

How will the student be able to check the current credit balance held in the system?
Every time the student spends money in the restaurant, the till shows the available credit left on the card. Additionally users to the parent gateway app can view balances and purchase history.

If we pay for a set number of school meals, can it be spent in one day?

No, a daily spend limit of £7.50 will be set for all students and no food above that limit can be purchased. On request, you can request an individual daily spend limit of your choice. This daily limit will apply to break and lunchtime purchases that day.

What if the student does not hold a sufficient credit balance to pay for a school dinner?

No student is refused a school lunch because they have forgotten their card or have insufficient funds. The restaurant will allow a student one meal only until funds are added to clear the debit balance on the account.

Menus are a price list are available to view below.

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Restaurant Menu 30th March 2023 Download
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