Online Safety

Online Safety

Parent Advice

The internet is an integral part of children’s lives - with all the potential that the online world and new technology offers, young people now have access to huge and exciting opportunities. They use technology and social media to express themselves, explore and be creative. It has changed the way that they communicate and we need to ensure that this communication is appropriate and does not cause harm or upset to our students.

Here at Queen Elizabeth’s we are doing all that we can to educate and protect our students in their use of ICT and the internet. Our online safety awareness programme is delivered through PSHE and ICT lessons, through regular assemblies and form-time sessions and through special events delivered by online safety experts. We consider online safety to be a whole school responsibility and so all staff are encouraged to explore safety issues; teachers specifically with their form groups and in lessons where relevant.

Within school, filtered internet usage is monitored, as is students’ use of computers and chromebooks through this, monitoring reports are produced and analysed by relevant senior staff and any concerns will be raised with parents. 

Obviously we can only provide these safeguards within school and it is equally important that students are encouraged to use the internet safely and responsibly outside school. We are very grateful for parental support in these issues and we strongly encourage parents to monitor children’s internet activity at home, in order to ensure that all activity is appropriate. We provide as much support to parents as we can - this includes regular online safety updates via parentmail and parental information sessions. We are always willing to discuss individual concerns on this issue with parents.

Please see the links below to a variety of websites that you may find useful in supporting your child’s safer internet use:

Student Advice

If you are worried about something you have seen online or if you are affected by an online safety issue, then please talk to a member of staff at school or an adult you can trust.

If you see something online that you feel needs to be reported, you can also press the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency) button – this appears on the QE Google homepage. You will be shown exactly where this is in ICT lessons. If you click on the button you will be reporting a problem directly to a member of staff at CEOP.

We expect you to be responsible and respectful in your own use of the internet and in particular in your use of social media.