Keeping your Child Safe

Keeping your Child Safe

Safeguarding for Everyone at Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School

What is being safe?

  • The school looks after everyone
  • No one is bullied
  • No one is racist
  • No one is abused in any way
  • No one picks on others because they are different
  • Everyone knows how to use ICT and the internet safely
  • Everyone knows not to abuse substances

What if you are worried about any of these?

  • Talk to your Form Tutor
  • Talk to your Head of Year
  • Email either of the above
  • Visit the notice board in the South Vestibule, where you will find the numbers for Childline, NSPCC etc.

Who is in charge of keeping me safe?

Mrs McIlroy - Deputy Headteacher, Pastoral Care and Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Mr Larter - Assistant Headtacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Visitors to the school.

If you have any concerns regarding the welfare of any pupils as a result of your visit please notify staff in reception who will alert a Designated Safeguarding Lead.