University scholarships, bursaries and grants

University scholarships, bursaries and grants

  • Scholarships help you pay your tuition fees and reduce your student loans
  • Scholarships are available for everyone, not just the Hawking-level geniuses and the sports stars of the class

  • On average, students are eligible to apply for £85,000-worth of scholarships

  • £150 million-worth of scholarships go unallocated every year because students simply don’t realise they’re eligible to apply

  • Scholarships are FREE MONEY!! You don’t have to pay it back!


The school subscribes to Grantfairy,  a mobile app which matches students with thousands of scholarships, bursaries and grants to help pay university tuition fees and reduce student loans. All Year 13 students are sent a link during Term 1.


Medicsort Innovation Grant

The Medicsport Innovation Grant awards £500 to UK students going on to study a degree related to health, mediciine, nursing or life sciences. Applications must be submitted online by 31 January earch year. More information from