Admission to the Sixth Form 2019

Admission to the Sixth Form 2019

Admission to the Sixth Form

Priority will be given to existing pupils transferring from Year 11 who meet the entrance criteria. Admission to the Sixth Form will be as a result of applicants accruing at least 33 points from their best six GCSE, AS or CNAT grades. Short course GCSEs may be included within this calculation but at half value i.e. a 7 grade in RS would count as half a grade at 3.5 points. Applicants must also achieve at least GCSE grade 5 in Mathematics and an English qualification.

Applicants must achieve at least GCSE grade 6 in subjects they wish to study at A Level with the exception of Mathematics, where a grade 7 or higher is required. In the case of new subjects e.g. Psychology, Government and Politics etc., please refer to the Sixth Form Options Guide available on the school website for specific grade requirements.

The admission number for external candidates will be 40, but this figure may be exceeded in the event that this and the number of internal pupils transferring into Year 12 is less than the overall figure for the year group, which is 160.

For example:

A student with the following grades: History 7, Geography 5, French 6, Biology 5, Chemistry 6, Physics 5, Spanish 7, English Language 6, English Literature 8, Mathematics 5 and Photography 7 would score 8+7+7+7+6+6 = 41 points and qualify for the sixth form studying subjects such as History, Chemistry, Spanish or English Literature.