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Queen Elizabeth's School becomes an Academy

Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School became a new coalition Academy on Friday 1st April.

Our Governing Body took the decision to apply for Academy status in January and the process took just over two months to complete.

A comment from David Anderson, Headteacher:

"The move to Academy status was based upon a desire to enjoy more freedoms in shaping the curriculum and other opportunities for our able students, to further raise standards and to improve the school buildings following the collapse of the Building Schools for the Future programme last year. 

Being an Academy will also free us from unnecessary bureaucracy, allowing us to concentrate on making this an even better school for our students. The programme will also allow the school greater financial security in these uncertain times of public sector cuts.

As far as students and parents are concerned, there will be no change to the school day, term dates, uniform or admissions and to all intent and purposes the school will remain as before.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Governing Body who supported the process from start to finish and to all of the members of the school community who engaged in the consultation process".